Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra Talks Dating: I Want A Bad Boy With A Good Heart

She’s got a type! Us Weekly caught up with Carmen Electra who dished about where she’s at in her love life – and the type of guy she’s looking for.

“I kind of look at it like if it happens, it will. I’m not really looking but sometimes you just have a vibe [and] connect with someone,” she told Us about dating last month at the Cinefashion Film Awards in Los Angeles.

The Baywatch alum, 45, is known for dating bad boys – and though she’s not looking to shy away from them completely – she’s digging deeper now. “I have to find a happy medium, some kind of balance in there,” she said.

“I’ve always [wanted] a bad boy with a good heart … maybe someone who has been through a lot in life. I think someone like that would have to do a lot of work on themselves and that would make them a more spiritual person and that’s what I’m looking for,” she continued. “Someone that’s worked all the steps… So they are making amends and doing the right thing, yet they’ve already experienced all the craziness in life and are ready to settle down.”

As for what she can’t resist? She joked to Us: “There’s something about musicians that I can’t resist. You know, a man with a guitar … that can be quite dangerous (laughs.)”

The Playboy model – whose previous high-profile relationships include Dennis Rodman, Prince and Dave Navarro – confessed to Us what’s worked for her in the past. “I’ve had relationships where communication was so good that we never fought because we would just talk about our problems or issues if something bothered us,” she said.

“So it sounds kind of corny or whatever but communication is the key and I can’t really be mad at someone who can admit their flaws and admit if they did something wrong. I think that’s a real true standup person so I like that. Honesty.” [Source]