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Carmen Electra Sues Queens Strip Club For Posting Racy Photo Of Her On Instagram

Carmen Electra wants her fans to know that she does not pole dance at a sleazy strip club in Queens.

The bombshell singer-actress has filed a federal lawsuit against La Oficina Bar in Corona for posting a sexy photo of her on the jiggle joint’s Instagram page.

The photo shows her rocking a bikini with her backside pressed up against a stripper pole. Next to the photo is the caption, “Looking good.”

“This image shows Electra in a sexually suggestive outfit and was intentionally altered to make it appear that Electra was either a stripper working at La Oficina, or endorsed the club,” according to the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Also suing La Oficina are models Claudia Sanpedro, Tiffany Toth and Brenda Lee Geiger who allege their images were hijacked without consent.

No one answered the phone Monday at La Oficina which means “The Office” in Spanish, and the club’s owner could not be reached.

The plaintiffs each seek at least $75,000 for the trademark infringement and defamation, plus punitive damages.

Electra and the other women contend that by implying they work as strippers or endorse the club, they have been subject to “hatred, shame, obloquy, contumely, odium, contempt, ridicule, aversion, ostracism, degradation, or disgrace, and/or could induce an evil opinion of plaintiffs in the minds of right-thinking persons.”  [Source]